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It’s time to stop dumbing down vocabulary in Primary Maths…

This article first appeared on Tes Online news (here) “When I look at the word problem I know that the numbers and the word ‘altogether’ are important. It tells me that we are adding the two numbers together.” “The equation … Continue reading

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Ten things I’ve learnt about teaching…

This is a reworked version of a blog I posted 2 years ago in a different place at the end of my 3rd year… 2 years have since passed but a lot of what I wrote rings true still so … Continue reading

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Why you should do assemblies differently!

Think back to when you were at school….. What were assemblies were like? Rows upon rows of children all facing the all-mighty teacher that had happened to sign up to that assembly. Imparting knowledge they had learnt from google/book they … Continue reading

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Embedding oracy across the curriculum…

We all talk….. but how much do we really say. As teachers talk is a fundamental part of all our lessons: tell me the answer, what is..?, talk to your partners. Surely that’s great, that’s what we were told to … Continue reading

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Deciding on a research area for CPD…

A new term…. A new CPD module… This term we have two choices for CPD: to improve or to deepen our practice. I have chosen the latter and am therefore in the process of deciding on and planning a research … Continue reading

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Transition into leadership…

A colleague of mine asked if they could interview me for their dissertation on feedback culture… and whilst I hope I helped them, it also helped me to reflect on just how far I’ve come in my journey over the … Continue reading

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CPD with purpose

I have spoken before about CPD and how often in schools it produces nothing but moans and groans about its pointlessness.  At School 21 we have CPD for 2 hours every Wednesday evening and to many of my teacher friends … Continue reading

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