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It’s time to stop dumbing down vocabulary in Primary Maths…

This article first appeared on Tes Online news (here) “When I look at the word problem I know that the numbers and the word ‘altogether’ are important. It tells me that we are adding the two numbers together.” “The equation … Continue reading

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Smile until Christmas and beyond..

          Don’t smile until Christmas! That was the advice I ( as I am sure many other NQTs are) was given before starting my first year as a teacher.  Let’s just take a moment to think … Continue reading

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Ten things I’ve learnt about teaching…

This is a reworked version of a blog I posted 2 years ago in a different place at the end of my 3rd year… 2 years have since passed but a lot of what I wrote rings true still so … Continue reading

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A study into Times Table Rock Stars…

In my previous posts I discussed the CPD module we were taking part in this term (read more in previous blogs here and here). As the term is coming to a close I have completed the research and written it up ready to … Continue reading

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Why you should do assemblies differently!

Think back to when you were at school….. What were assemblies were like? Rows upon rows of children all facing the all-mighty teacher that had happened to sign up to that assembly. Imparting knowledge they had learnt from google/book they … Continue reading

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Questionnaires with children…

As part of my research project in CPD I wanted to collect the opinions of my children on times table rock stars (TTRS). I have done questionnaires this year already with children and the time and effort it took to … Continue reading

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Using song in story telling…

We are currently doing a project with the enquiry question ‘How can we tell stories like the Egyptians?’ As part of this we are currently learning the story of Isis and Ra. Listen below to the song version of the … Continue reading

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