Questionnaires with children…

As part of my research project in CPD I wanted to collect the opinions of my children on times table rock stars (TTRS). I have done questionnaires this year already with children and the time and effort it took to collate the data was enormous. With this in the back of my head I was worried about how much work I was taking on… That was until I remembered google forms.

I have used google forms in the past for staff surveys but always wondered how it would work with children; do they need a google log in, how would I get them to access it, would they understand what to do. But faced with the prospect of having to read and analyse paper copies I thought it was worth the try.

I created my questionnaire on the google forms site with ease with a mix of question types. I was able to set that the question had to be answered and I could tailor it to what I needed. My next worry was that I didn’t want the children to have to log in; the whole point of this was to make my life easier not harder. But google forms has a setting where they do not require sign in, so as long as the child has the link they can access it…

To make it even easier I copied the link into so the children just had to scan the code using a qr reader on their iPad. The children accessed it with no issues (especially as they had used the codes before) and they were away… with the promise of time on TTRS once they were done (sometimes a little bribery goes a long way!)

Once they were done I timidly opened the google forms to see whether it had worked…

Not only had it worked, but google forms did all the faff for me… I had bar charts, pie charts and individual answers all recorded for me with no extra effort needed. It even exports to excel…

So if you have any research to conduct be it with staff, parents or children… use google forms and make your to do list just that little bit shorter!

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2 Responses to Questionnaires with children…

  1. hammockdiary says:

    Lovely to see the use of student surveys with younger students.


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