Deciding on a research area for CPD…

A new term…. A new CPD module…

This term we have two choices for CPD: to improve or to deepen our practice. I have chosen the latter and am therefore in the process of deciding on and planning a research project to work on and write up this term.

As part of the Teaching Leaders programme I am involved in I am having to conduct research as well so I am looking to link the two together… this has led me to the area of ‘progression in maths’.

The session this week focused on narrowing down ideas to 3 for our research. I narrowed mine down to times table retention, language decoding/operation choice and embedding maths across curriculum.
After recently trialling Times Table Rockstars in the previous term, this is going to be my focus for research. 

My next task is to find any research focusing on apps/websites that improve multiplication retention…

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