CPD with purpose

I have spoken before about CPD and how often in schools it produces nothing but moans and groans about its pointlessness. 

At School 21 we have CPD for 2 hours every Wednesday evening and to many of my teacher friends in other schools this seems excessive and a ridiculous waste of time. It is only then that I realise that actually we do something different…

So this leads me on to our CPD this term…
At the beginning of the Spring term we were told that the outcome of our CPD sessions would be a Teach Meet on Oracy in the classroom and that every teacher would be expected to present for a minimum of 2 minutes. This was met with a room full of worry and anxiety about what they had to do, when would there be time and the thought of presenting in front of not only peers but teachers from other schools. 

Our Wednesday sessions were split between Oracy and reading sessions and this all contributed to the case study research that was taking place in the classroom. Some teachers worked alone and others worked together to try new things. We regularly chatted in CPD sessions about how it was going and what the next steps were and everyone worked towards the final presentation.

As part of the logistic team I went about advertising the Teach Meet, collecting raffle prizes and working with Amy to ensure everything was ready on the day. The term flew by and when the day of the Teach Meet arrived there was an excited, yet nervous energy buzzing around the room… It was show time!

All I can say is wow!!! The night of presentations took everyone in the room on a journey of discovery through every year group in the primary school. There were protocols for talk, roles for discussion, tips for getting children to work together, rally coaching and even advice for creating a’choose your own’ adventure story (anyone my age will remember with fondness the excitement of getting a new goosebumps book that allowed you to choose what happened next by turning to page 7 or 14)

And by the end of the night when best practice had been shared, the snacks had all gone and the chairs were being tidied away there was this new buzz of conversations between all the teachers of how they were going to use what they had heard in the presentations in their classrooms. 

So I guess what’s the point of making a purpose to CPD, well I guess the tweets from visitors to our Teach Meet sum it up:

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