Hello Spring Term!

So my favourite time of year is over and the holidays are almost done… 

The day before I have to go back to work has arrived after a glorious two weeks of family time and festivities… I’m sure you all know it well… 

So whilst having a little flick through Facebook I notice a common theme, a common dread…

But the thing that captures me the most is that I have no urge to repost it for myself, or find an equally entertaining meme that shows the same emotion, which is strange as in the past I have. So now I am sitting here and wondering what am I missing? Or maybe, more honestly, what have I gained this academic year that maybe I didn’t have in previous years? 

As I sit here flicking through the many posts of that dreaded going back after the holidays feeling, I realise I’m not dreading going back to school…. in fact I am quite looking forward to seeing the 25 faces of my fantastic year 3 class, to the day I have planned with them tomorrow, to the one-hour parent workshop I have planned next Tuesday, to the new project we start next week, to the maths week coming up and generally to the ups and downs the rollercoaster of Spring term has in store for me… and whilst that is an alien feeling, it feels great!

More than that, I feel lucky…. lucky to be filled not with dread but with excitement, anticipation, hope, promise, optimism and positivity about what he next term has in store!

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I’m definitely ready for it.

                                                                 Bring it on Spring term!

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