It all started 6 years ago..

So this popped up on my time hop this morning…. 

That drive to Warwick and back marked the start of a new adventure. One of the biggest adventures I have been on (so far) in my life. An adventure that has  featured euphoric highs, rock bottom lows, huge smiles and floods of tears. An adventure that in its (up to now) 6 years has created friends for life, provided me with hilarious stories over a pint in the pub and ultimately changed the person that I am for the better. 

6 years ago I began my adventure in teaching! 

I vividly remember that day. It had been snowing all week and I was terrified. The interview itself was like an X factor audition with your forged friends being sent home around you and the chosen few progressing through to the final round! But here I am… I made it!

I can honestly say it has been an emotional rollercoaster… My first two years were spent holding myself together for the kids and then balling my eyes out in my cupboard, on the toilet and by the photocopier… And although that sounds horrendous, I am so proud of the person I have become from it. And here I stand a third of the way through my 5th year of teaching and I feel not only lucky, but privelledged. I love going to work (most days) and I love being greeted by the 25 tiny little personalities every morning with huge smiles, full of potential, just waiting to see what I have planned for their day ahead. 

So here’s to surviving my first few years as a teacher, becoming a leader and almost beating the statistic of new teachers leaving!

I’m not saying it’s easy but my goodness is it worth it… 

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