Let me introduce myself…

Welcome to my blog about all things education. This page will hopefully give you a bit of context of who I am, what I am doing and what I am trying to do!

Things about me:

  • My name is Jade.
  • I  am a primary school teacher.
  • I started teaching in 2012.
  • I work at School 21, which is an all through school in Stratford, London.
  • I currently teach in Year 4.
  • I lead on Maths Mastery.
  • I lead on Behaviour for Learning.
  • I line manage 2 teachers, 1 primary coach and 6 Mid day supercisors.
  • I am a Teaching Leaders Fellow graduate.
  • I am on twitter- @JadeFahie

Things about my School:

I feel very lucky to be part of something so amazing. My colleagues at School 21 strive to change the face of education and fully prepare children for the world they will face when they leave.

What makes us different:

  • Project based learning– we don’t teach topic work, we look for opportunities in the real world and all our work progresses towards a public exhibition. Children learn through an essential question and take on roles to support their learning.
  • Maths Mastery- learning structured around key principles of problem solving, language and concrete-pictorial-abstract process ensuring children have depth of maths rather than a shallow understanding.
  • Story telling– allowing our children to listen to, retell and invent their own stories in a creative way.
  • Oracy- the area that underpins everything- if children can’t talk and listen, they can’t do anything (@voice21oracy).